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Finally! a proven system to confidently establish a photo editing business, and make money from the Lightroom skills you already have… while working during the weekdays!


By now, you’ve probably realized that your passion for being a photographer comes with a difficult balance
A balance that continually makes you choose between saying yes to your client who wants their photos taken in the evening or on the weekend
Saying yes to your family who wants a wife and mother that is present for bedtime and soccer games.
I’m sure you love photography, but do you love the work/life balance it provides?
Are you pressured to always say yes to every client, when you’d rather have the freedom to be selective?

Is the income worth all the social media posts, emails, blog posts, ARE you earning what YOU DESERVE?

Imagine a career in the photography industry that doesn’t require evening or weekend work.

Imagine a career where instead of managing new clients all the time, you can gain consistency serving the same clients year after year.

Imagine if, instead of struggling to convince clients that you are worth your session fee, that you are VALUED and paid what you deserve.

And instead of feeling the constant social media pressure, you were able to spend that time with your family.

No more dinners missed.

No more hours in the car.

No more wondering if you picked the right path.


Jessica's Editing Business gave her the freedom she needed for her family!


Ready to establish a profitable editing career with the skills you already have?
Access a complete solution to help you start and grow a profitable editing business that gives YOU your dream lifestyle!
Five Video Lessons Featuring Marissa Lynn and Katelyn James:


Digital Downloads to use in your business:


Join a highly interactive, exclusive Facebook Group for editors just like you:

Will this Kit be offered again?
Yes. However, because this educational information includes access to Marissa's personal business secrets, it will only be made available to a select numbers of editors each year. The Kit is currently open for this exclusive offer, we do not have the next date scheduled for future enrollment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Courtney Jones
Photographer and Professional Photo Editor

"I will forever appreciate the knowledge Marissa has shared with me because I’ve been able to contribute financially to my family while being a more present mother and wife. :)"


Mandy Ford
Photographer and Professional Photo Editor

"I now have confidence knowing that with Editing, I finally have a consistent stream of income that can move wherever the US Navy sends us next!"







Do I need to have Lightroom editing skills?
This Kit is designed as a business solution to allow photo editors to use the skills they already have to generate income.
Once Purchased, how long is the content available?
When you purchase, you will be given login information for the course site. All material is available immediately and is available to watch or download indefinitely.
What is the refund policy?
There is a 100% money back guarantee on the quality and content of the kit for 30 days following your purchase. I'm that confident you will enjoy this kit and community!
It's not just a business venture, it's a way to achieve an amazing lifestyle for your family!
Exclusive offer, get The Profitable Editor's Kit for just $297
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
we stand by the quality and content of the Kit and Community

Copyright © 2016 Marissa Lynn LLC

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The Profitable Editor's Kit Exclusive Offer

Start and grow a profitable photo editing business

with The Profitable Editor's Kit

an online course and exclusive community

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Don’t get me wrong, I loved, and still love being a photographer. It is a passion that will never go away.

But I love being a mother and wife even more.

See a few years back,

I was taking trips to different cities just to add another client.

I was leaving my family before dinner to go catch the golden light.

I was concentrating on how many Facebook page likes I had instead of how many hugs I got from my daughter.

My priorities were off.

I needed a different solution.

A solution that would allow me to use the skills that I developed as a photographer to have a career that thrives during the weekdays.

And I finally figured it out!

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The Profitable Editor's Kit

In 2011, I established a one-on-one relationship with several photographers and gave them a much needed break during the week while I edited their photos.

By 2013, with another kid, and two deployments later, I realized that I was enjoying the editing lifestyle more than I was enjoying the photography lifestyle.

I wanted flexibility in my daily schedule.

I wanted to be able to move across the country without starting over.

I wanted an income that could scale with my lifestyle.

An income that could scale into something I was proud of.

And I wanted to still support an industry that I loved.

At the time I put my camera down, I was editing for Holli True, Drew B, and Katelyn James.

I started seeing how my editing was giving them time to thrive.

I realized it was the perfect match.

So I focused on growing my editing business, and spending my nights and weekends with my family.

And I want that for you!

I don’t want you to struggle finding clients, knowing what questions to ask them, what the best way to price your service is, how to efficiently send files, or have ANY roadblocks.

I want you to have an opportunity to become a professional photo editor and live your dream lifestyle with confidence.

That’s why I created The Profitable Editor’s Kit and Edit.Profit.Live community.

You don’t have to question yourself, or have self doubt. You don’t have to wonder if you can succeed as a professional photo editor. 

I made the kit so you can use the systems I Personally use with 18 of the best photographers in the industry - the systems that have developed more than 150 photo editors

You can get freedom in your lifestyle

just like Jess Bulloss ~

I’m giving you the map to my WHOLE business: where to find your perfect customers, how to land them as clients, what to say when you get them on video chat for the first time, how to charge for your services, and when to invoice, how to pass files without breaking the internet, how to project revenue for the next year...
Are my systems rocket science? No. Could you figure this business out on your own?...sure, you absolutely can :)
But took me 5 years of iteration and over 500,000 photos delivered to clients to get where I am. I’ve literally spent thousands of hours perfecting my processes.
Do you really want to spend your time figuring the business out when you could spend that time actually earning an income?
Or enjoying your family?
I don’t want you to struggle trying to figure out an editing business on your own, spending countless time and money with no guarantee it will work…
Refuse to take the leap because you’re nervous, and miss out on an editing career and achieving freedom in time and location or earning an income you’re proud of…
wonder if there’s a cheaper solution out there, and doubt an investment in yourself
I want to be a part of your journey because I believe you CAN succeed as a photo editor, and that your family will be so blessed through this career.
Have a STEADY list of clients that you LOVE to work with
Have a community that understands and supports you
Grow a business that supports your family and your lifestyle
Now, at this point, you may be wondering if The Profitable Editor’s Kit is really right for you.
Are you a photographer or editor who can say “Yes!” to one of these statements?
“I love photography, but the lifestyle isn’t exactly what I expected”
“I enjoy shooting, but the client interaction is starting to drain me”
“I know how to edit, but I haven’t been able to get my business where I want it to be”...
Then The Profitable Editor’s Kit is for you!
I want you to feel 100% confident that The Profitable Editor’s Kit is right for your business. I know this material works because I’ve carefully developed it after learning from my experience of editing for 18 of the best photographers in the industry…and I’ve seen it used to get awesome results for over 150 editors who have implemented this.
So here’s my guarantee to you: if you make an honest effort to implement the content, and find that the kit and community doesn’t give you what it takes to structure your editing business for success, I’ll give you a full refund.
I only want to help editors succeed. Just let us know within 30 days of purchase, show me that you gave it an honest attempt, and we’ll refund you immediately.
That's exactly what I've found
I know how it feels because I was there...
I want you to start your journey today...
Because later this year, I’ll be launching it again and it will cost…
But today, it’s only…
I want you to succeed as an editor, so you can achieve your dream lifestyle!
Finally you'll be able to...
30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
I don't want your money if I can't help you succeed
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“The Profitable Editor’s Kit has been life-changing for me and my business! I became an editor and 3 months later, I’m more profitable than I ever was behind a camera! Even better is that my work-life balance is in such a better place!”


Is your photography business giving you the lifestyle you thought it would?